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At nyrenagency our motto is Truth in Advertising.

So here's the truth about nyrenagency: it's just me.

Along with freelance copywriting, creative directing, consulting  (a lot of that lately - onsite and on the phone), speaking tours and engagements, I'm also interested in talking to just about anybody involved in marketing and advertising products and services targeting Baby Boomers. Don't be shy. Email me. Tell me about your successes. Your failures. Your war stories.

Of course, if you are a potential client I want your business - but you'll find that in the first round of emails and chats I'll be asking questions (and supplying answers) that have little to do with 'pitching' you as a creative or consultant. I'm an information gatherer and information  Johnny Appleseed. Advertising agencies and marketing firms email me regularly. Often, I give them free advice and point them in the right direction. Students email me - and what exorbitant fees I charge them for my expertise! I am frequently interviewed by the press.

Because I am not an agency, my client list remains private for three years. Unless I am speaking or  consulting at a public event, professional relationships will not be disclosed or publicized in my blog or anywhere else. This protects your  professional relationships - and mine.

My consulting fees and campaign critiques are reasonable, creative direction and copywriting fees negotiable.  I have an egalitarian bent and enjoy slinging sentences for small start-ups and entrepreneurs.

I also know the best graphic artists and web site designers specializing in the 50+ Market.  Let me know what you need.

I'll also consider full-time CD/VP opportunities here and in Europe.

Chuck Nyren

Phone/TXT: 206.914.0686


About Chuck Nyren


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